Friday, October 31, 2008

goodbye BLOG-tober

As of late, I've been getting more hassle than the hoff for not blogging this month. Let me tell you, I was so over it! But tonight, while on my norcal hiatus, having intentions of writing essays all night, I've just been looking at sorry ass blogs instead. They have angered me so!!! So much, that it has inspired me to shoot out this bad boy: Goodbye bloctober. Now you may be runnin amuck this halloween evenin', I've turned off the celly, dimmed the lights, lit some candles and I'm giving back to you, loyal bloggers.
LA is great this time. I think it fluctuates with what's saved on TIVO.
I;m sure you guys want to see what I look like since I'm in LA. Am I 40 pounds less? 6 inches taller? 12 shades tanner? I would take mad pics of myself so u can see w/ ur own eyes, but I didn't think I'd ever blog again so I threw away my camera! So here are some pics I DIDNT TAKE AND ARE OLD AND they're dedicated to you, Kelly. The theme is JAPAN. Do you even still read this shit?

bringing sushi home.

Also mom made spinach for dinner TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. I asked her whats up. actually it went like this
ME: Spinach again? Mom, what's up.
MOM: Hun, I think you're anemic.
At that moment then and there she grabbed my hand and inspected my fingernails
MOM: They're pink like you said.
Other than that, the conversations I've had today have been okay. Mostly I watched conversations happen in the six episodes of Entourage I watched. That's 3 hours of Entourage in the past 24 hours and I feel like I have four brothers which is great because I have never had a brother and in the matter of 2 days i have 4!!! I need some help with real life now. I also have to take my iron now.