Monday, February 23, 2009

o Blogo

dude its carnaval i can't believe i am taking time to write this. All this "free" time and beer consumption is killing me softly, but i gotta keep going TWO POINT FIVE DAYZ LEFT of this mayhem. Here are some pics of how kewl it is

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Sunday I was trying to find myself so I took a hike to Jesu Cristo. Heres where it all began

I thought I would find myself... but not necissarily so weak and sweaty.

U know who

suki & brazilians eating sandwiches in the cuts. I don't need to drop $$$$$ on amazon i'm basically there, ya?

so high right now

still high

eyespy a arm

eyespy electric stairway 2 heaven

so holy

searching for treasures

not again

pool pics

Grotto pix