Sunday, June 29, 2008


Oh wow its really been a while since I've seen this template. Yeah, I've been on the road, out of the office but here i am ready to report back to home base. I took an early weekend from the flower shop after I saw THIS happen at work! Professional? I don't know.... you be the judge after the jump...

So I hit the road, the open road. this was all halted when i bought a fresh pair of kicks. MOM IS Gonna KILL ME. This is what my closet looks like full of shoes. Plus one more?!?!?!?! Where's it gonna go? Here's a pic but idk why fitty was in my closet.
i should probably lock my doors now on....
but what really KICKED of this weekend was that first bite of our falafel, burrito, braided donut at our extravaganza lunch break at five pm. Five pm because i got lost for two and a half hours. I was thinking long, cylindric themed food, no limit to regional origin. It was bomb


loric <3 donuz
then we had to stretch because without micro-breaks how ELSE is a worker supposed to survive a 7 hour day????
the next thing we ate were leftovers and cookies and they were good. Then we went to see live rock and roll. we drank beer and hard a. and hella PIZZA SLIZES
eyo its time for a slice. Loric weaseled his way to a free slice by embellishing a story of falsehood. More power to you boy

after 12 pieces, we decided to call it quits. Off to eating flour and honey combo, beer and sriracha and Loric's personal conquest, a tablespoon of tequila and pasta primavera.

After that, I learned some moves from Jackie Chan aka Loric Sih mostly self defense moves. don't mess.

Who took this pick of me getting owned? Way embarrassing.
This scared me straight to sleep. Woke up and had an issue with WaMu. The ATM line was so long. I got ready to do my thang

and straight out of nowhere, the ATM consumes my card like it aint seen money like that in DAYZ. No really, though, there's no explanation for it, but then I had issues with Karina the banker, who can suck it by the way. But i feel like i've spoken about this issue enough in real life so just forget it.
Then I saw edog who is tight. we ate hella dank sandwich and shot the shit for a minute. I facilitated our classic harmony/melodies, as we cruised over the golden gate bridge. I've never felt so alive in all my life. By the way it was sooooo sunny that side of the bay, let me tell u, check out that blue ass sky after da jump
I look like ur brotha, girl
Then i went to meet my friend for a this
which really inspired food WITHOUT DISHES ie waffle-cups with ice cream inside ie bread-bowls filled with goods. What WOULDN't you eat inside a breadbowl? Coffee inside a breadbowl? Tapioca balls inside a bread bowl? Well, I personally would eat most things in a breadbowl. Including spaghetti and meatballs inside a breadbowl. So that's exactly what we did.
Then we left to watch the gays and loric lost 8 things. we saw a lot of barf that night and a lot of almost barf. Remember that guy who barfed in the cleaning isle of the market! LOL. Remember this chick on the bus??? Loric made me make pash with a girl who was barfing on the bus. i didn't get a pic but i think someone else on the bus did and i found it on the internet. Imagine the chances.

woah and then we went to bed and woke up and ate probably the best burger of my lyfe.. NOT DRAWN TO SCALE yo

even though we were craving

Monday, June 23, 2008

BLOG ambition

oh whaddup bloggers. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but my ingrown toe nail is giving me hell. Either I sell all my shoes and just wear sandals for the rest of my life, OR I go to Dr. Silvers.... I thought I'd never have to deal with that asshole again, but god has a different plan for me, I guess.
Yesterday I ate a sandwich surprise surprise

my friends had food too.

jojo was not so nice to me.
We biked around this city
and went to the market. I love going to the market! Check out this original image AFTER THE JUMP! bet youve never seen a pic like this before!!!!!!!!!! FOOD AS ART FOREVA

Then we met up with nikki and it was so fun and she explained pheromones to me and asked me some personal questions, which made me blush. That girl has no boundaries, but she knows this already. Too bad i don't have any pics to capture the awkwardness in that car....
Then I saw this jojo. it was like reuniting with a saint.

I like these two.

I'm neighbors with the one on the left by the way.
i can remember anything else i did until today which is not much. I mean, i got my pants taylored. I don't have the best relationship with my taylor which is probably the case is because I CANT EVEN SPELL HIS PROFESSION CORRECTLY. no though, he always yells at me cuz i want my jeans too skinny and he says i won't be able to get them over my ankles. or kankles in his eyes. I wish i had a picture to capture that layer of sweat between my leg and that pant leg when i had to model for him. Boy, its hot here. Then i almost bought a 10 dollar sandwich at marmalade because i was right next door, but then i was all like naw.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So you think you can BLOG

I present to you, "Aaron is a STAR"
dedicated to katie humphriez

Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog in the name of love

Today I woke up at 12:17 and proceeded to eat two tamales: one blue corn, and one sweet corn. Then I modeled in front of my mirror for a while. Got a killer tan yesterday. We plunged into the Pacific over 2 times! I've been having a recurring dream of an old feeble man chasing me around a graveyard to Track 7 of the we got it for cheap volume 3 mixtape. What does it mean?. After that I will go to the flower store and make a gorgeous floral arrangement, and big bucks among other things. It always gets really hot in that store. Its half indoors and half outdoors. Just now I ate another sandwich with this great new mustard i got. Its tarragon mustard and its green. So spicy. If anyone can suggest anything ELSE to eat besides sandwiches I will not listen because I like eating sandwiches just fine. Just now I took out my cornrows and my bangs have never had such volume!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

u think u NO!

today i bumped into some russian animation on youtube. Oh, I like them plenty. if you are interested, i think you just click on the box to watch it.
this one changed my life

this one makes me hungry and i think salad fingers is based on it

i think teen girl squad is based on this one. school sucks yo

then i went outside. BUT THATS NOT ME

what up summer. I HAVE A NEW HAIRDO AND a shadow

I think i've had 39 sandwiches in the 4 dayz i've been home. Check out sandwich #38, an old friend,and the towel with a string around it all in one photo--after the jump

in other news, I went to the market and the most outrageous thing i bought was probably seven dollar strawberries. Eating them is like biting into gold.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

wut the BLOG

Ey yo i want to first of all start this entry by giving a shout out to my lady SNook and my man dr. dactyl for shouting me out on their blogs. its like EVERYONe is blogging now.

As an elegant couple

As cyber personalities

In other news, gabe changed the layout of his display cases, got the new peewee hermans, and sold the majority of his vast shoe collection.

I reunited with an old friend
Food shot

Check out this pooch's eyez

in other news, I left my retainers at 115 Storey Street can someone help me out?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dont' THINK about it: BLOG about it

Kind of heated no one has called me to make sure i'm still alive because I haven't posted in a while. But good news: I'm alive and ready to post.
Just got home to LA. Had a ruff ride back: Witnessed a motorcyclist fall off his motorcycle! Got gas! Stopped to use the restroom! We both got burgers at in and out and mom called at that very moment. She was worried that we wouldn't be hungry for dinner, so dad lied to her and said we were halfing one. But we both got two! and he got a chocolate shake! I slept for about 35% of the drive. I woke up RIGHT at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was like a sign or sumthin that this summers bout to be bountiful wit roller-coasters.
Well, if not real life thrilling rollercoasters, DEFINITELY THE EMOTIONAL KIND! I got really self-concious when my dad told me how many clothes I had, cried when my sister told me there was a tick's head still stuck in my stomach, and laughed out of delirium. I felt discussed when I realized my mom loves her stupid windmill more than she loves me.

Then i had to face this:

Anyone down to play "find that article of clothing" later, I'll be down.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dead finks don't talk about it: THEY BLOG ABOUT IT

June 12. 2008

God's piss on the duvet cover part duece. Loric was off to take his 8am final. I heard it went well. Then, crap i can't remember. oh wait maybe these pictures will refresh my memory...


Then we realized that food as art

Then Alex Lowell embarked on his 6 day bike journey from santa cruz to san diego. Good Luck! If I HAD the link to his blog, It would appear after the jump. But instead here is his photo.

My arms really hurt today and i thought i slept weird on my arm but, no, no, I just balled hella fools up yesterday, it turns out. and now i'm paying the ultimate price of lactic acid buildup. here is a picture of me paying the price.

My dad came today. Here's a picture of me blogging and my dad thinking its not cool.
We got over our tiff, pictured above. We went to public storage and i road my bike around in the corridors and almost got hurt. Then my dad pulled me on a device and it was so bad ass. I can't believe we didn't get caught. We spent an evening at his hotel room. We watched lakers and ate hors d'oeuvre and napped. I stole fresh baked cookies for vanessa and i to eat just now. She's not happy with her crazy bread but she'll be happy when i'm spooning her tonight.


Don't talk about it BLOG about it

Last night I slept under the stars. Today I woke up with a layer of morning dew, or god's piss upon my douve cover. Off I went, then to the city to take care of logistical BULLSHIT. afterwards i went to the Fullhouse House. Check it

here's the park in front of it

then we played some basketball. There were a party of five on the basketball court before us playing, can you believe this: SOCCER! on the basketball courts! It baffled me too! And then we played and I was sooo bad but then i got okay. The wind was SO INTENSE OMG! We played serious and then we got silly but I think my friends played easy on me.


so fly........ literally.

Then we went to Ethiopian food after a long dispute and goose-chase around the city. Burritos atop twin peaks? Indian food at some swanky joint and wait 30 minutes??? I DONT THINK SO. It was wild. Mom called me during dinner. Nobody even noticed.