Monday, April 13, 2009


Just when you thought this blog was OVER 4 better or for worse, it turns out i was just eating Easter lunch with my new roomiez. It was kind of awkward, so i tried to relieve the tension.

these are who i live with: (span-yard, port-geeze, frenchesse, chill-er-ian & umericun

If this situation wouldn't be successful enough as a sitcom of its own, the most likely person to have a spin-off of it, would hands down be the spam-yrd, Michael, or preferably Mikhail. That is why I have dedicated this segment as a spotlight to him.

peep the shadow, lol

family resemblance?

what a nice glow you have,

bronzer than THIS horseman

Peep the contrast

photos courtesy of mikail

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i just wanna preface this post by saying god bless recycling. If I couldn't recycle these pictures (from previous posts/stolen from the internet) due the recent FORCED CONFISCATION of my camera, you busters would just be reading text and that is just NOT REAL LIFE.
So, as you know i had a birthday. big 21. well it wasn't alt and experimental like this one of trial and error

but at least i got to play with this doggie.

and eat these cakes

for free

but i'm sure you guys are sick of these happy times, and want the LOW DOWN on my recent attacks. Well the story goes like this:
After a stressful morning of apartment hunting/finding NOTHING, i took a break to see this famuz xzibit of this artist who is "so original" -my friend. So we trekked to "o centro"; a dangerous place on such a day. It was dark and dismal. A sunday. And the streets were deserted. Kind of like this:

Moments before the attack, we even acknowledged the eeriness of the streets - and how such a bangin' city was sort of pEaCeFul 4 1nce. Little did we know what was headed our way.....
We were literally 2 blocks away from the museum, in a little "praça" as the natives would call it. It was kind of like this, but WAY more threatening and with thin figures approaching us slowly.

One man held up his kitchen dagger like a rook but I fell for it cuz I'm a sucker.
culd have been me

I ran far. Then i rode along with police for like 2 hours while we looked for my friend who i WAS SURE was sliced and diced like that chopped salad I'd been dreaming of all day. I watched the really bored popo play with their handguns and listen to their crappy d&b w/ misogynistic lyrics.
but i'm ok. just scarred 4 life in undisclosed places. I want to go home/never leave this nook. I would say call me, but you can't. I would say I'll meet you wherever you are, but I can't. Or, let me send you all my prized possessions in THIS bag but i can't.

oh 70's vingage tan leather slouch boho baggggggggggg how i long 4u

what HAVENT we been through?

what evils haven't we conquered together?

RIP little brown bag 2002-2009 you will b mizzed

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things here have been moderately the same since the last time we spoke. But one thing's not constant (as always) ((hmmmm)) As you may know: my bod. Feet are coming off, my legs have turned completely into bug.bites and now THIS: Pictured below, focus your atenção to the South east part of my torso
any dermatologists reading? If so, what is wrong with me?! Sun piercing? Allergies to açai?

After i realized this could and may kill me, I went to the market. Celebratory? no. Survival instinct? maybe.
It is a great place by the way. they even have a house for bread:

a nice spread of spreads.

On the walk home, we went to this place. Which also rules, and not to mention, translates SO well: Barron of bread

they even have FRANGO ASSADO (rotisserie chix)

apologies in advance! lol!

this is what it looks like in a styrophome box (so unsustainable). I am displayign the "faroffa" maybe the best condiment of all time. Its like bread crumbs but way more ethnic.

this is what it is supposed to look like btw

and then we went back to the beach on a very ugly day (maybe mrch7th?) filler up

so sick of bread fried w/miscelaneous meat/cheese fried, so i made this snackk

And then a few days or weeks passed and then yesterday happened. It was a lazy sunday and i felt so sad so we went to this place. Which translates well: the beerhouse of salvation

me waiting for my meat/bean hodgepodge they call "feijoada" round here

this is what its supposed to look like

and this is what it looked like irl

it was a dark day
but wait. enough about me.

That means ATTENTION! Please bring it to my newest protégés blogger and his "virtual tour" (lol) @:
Do u love it? Does it put me to shame? Should I be proud? or jealous? or resentful? Should I even take credit for any of it? Also, stay tuned for next weekz blog entry, which will probably include my really brazilian birthday (i know u guys LoVe PrTy PiX), the first days of "high school" and other wacky and wild mishaps 'N' adventurez souf of the BORED-errrrrrr

Sunday, March 1, 2009

FINALLY found my camera and took it out on the town with me today! here's me with a motorcycle hangin' lose in rio de janeiro

and here's a pic of a motorcycle i took on my first day and i convinced the girl next to me it was art but now I AM convinced it is art WHAT DO U THINK?

then this is me taking a picture in front of the depressing "eatery" if you can call it that by my "home" if you can even call THAT that.

still hanging lose EVEN THOUGH A STRANGER poses behind me here.
AND i didn't even know it!

PEdestrian Xing

hanging lose w/ nature 4evr

reppin the hood

I FOUND THIS STREET ART AFTER my previous thematic poses today. I'm meant to live in Santa Teresa, the place where this (and the following) street art are from

Loriquas here?

here are some pics from my housing hunt today.

i'll take my house withOUT a side of church

i'll take this lot WITH A HOUSE

needless to say, didn't go so hot today.
but at least this happened

got some company for the next shot

and this one

but then this happened

and this