Monday, November 24, 2008

BLOG what your mother gave you

a lot has changed since we last spoke. Like today my really white jacket got stuck in my bike! My bike was already broken, so it didn't make matters worse, it just made my jacket so dirty. Also last night i FELL ASLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON! AND MY CLOTHES ON! It was so un-me! Who have i become? YOU can't even recognize who I have become.
But then this morning i had pasta for breakfast so I knew I was back to normal.
Then i made this vlog/homemade flick. not recommended for the weak stomached. Not to mention, every time i watch it, i hate myself a little bit more.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love the BLOGtender

hey losers who the f still reads this. Well clearly the answer is you, so big ups for ur constant support blogger.
A lot has changed since we last met up. Just now i had a pasta eating contest with myself but I didn't take a pic because one thing i do NOT do as a blogger is take pictures of myself! pathetic and desperate to say the least! I did take so many pictures of 30 minutes in the kitchen last wednesday. Here they are.
this one might be the best pic ever

that is until you see THIS pic

but then you realize i should go pro when you see THIS ONE


well guys it is raining and i am not so sad actually. it probably had to do with the pasta contest. oh here's another SWEET SHOT

and i'm only putting this one in to keep the food shots up at 30% for all u keeping tabs. you know who you are.

tension in me room

are you scared or in love?

k bye