Friday, August 29, 2008

stop, drop and BLOG

A lot of u are still asking me what i'm listening to. Well, today i finally listened to the new girl talk album while fist pumping of course. I cried three times out of ecstasy i.e.: ekstasis (the Greek translation, if you will.) and cried twice out of disgust (regular connotation). If you can guess the tracks and times that i cried i will give you a shout out on THIS VERY BLOG! Just comment below
Also I went for a victory shopping session today to various digs around the melrose. it brought me back to that one time i bought this red mini skirt from jet rag in 2004. it was cotton, too. Today i got a pair of shorts that are 2 small for me. I was shocked at all the new security measures such shoptiques are taking. I HAD TO CHECK MY BAG! do i look fishy to u? Ok i have to model my new clothes to my stuffed penguin collection.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BLOGging is a habit

Although the first night of the post-apocalyptic film festival was legit, I forfeited night two to go to a fuction.
Sunset junction.
LiVe RoCk N rOlL (behind us)


reunited with an old friend

not so candid although my feelings are true.

We counted 40 fedoras in under forty minutes. Sounds like a weight loss scheme. Its just as pathetic. The over abundance of fedoras is pathetic, not us counting them btw
Here's only one. Laura + Fedora

It was the latest I've stayed up in a while.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

U think u NO! pt 2

U think u NO what its like to be on a restricted diet, but in fact you don;t unless u are claire or me. check out our creations after the jump. We work with what we can
claire's sandwish: bread, chicken, pasta, avo, ketchup

mine: toast, oatmeal brown sugar, banana (banana's hidden for those w/ stomach weakness for b's [i know there's +1 of u reading. don't worry i'm looking out for u])


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a BLOG in a million

just got home. Not so tired just want to get my tan back, mainly. I would be thrilled to be back, but it looks like someone in Russia is the new owner of my first ever acquired article of vintage clothing: My red mini skirt with 80's-esque lightning bolts i got in 7th grade from Jetrag. It was a one of a kind. Gosh there goes history. Im okay though. Let me go just check my laundry again. Nyet. okay well my last part of the trip was good, back when i didn't realize this staple of my wardrobe was missing. I reunited with old friends, listened to hella ninento musiq on some idyllic train rides through the russian/german countryside, and had a life changing falafel experience. I also beat the customs at their own game and brought back a lifetime supply of russian vodka. Well I wouldn't go THAT far, and its not like i'd enjoy it. i'll just be thinking about that skirt the whole time while drinking it and possibly drunk dial it. that would be disaster.
Also i got home to find my room not exactly how i left it. Its as if mom thought i was going to die, so she already converted my room into a memorial of how clean i was or something. But don't worry its back to normal now. I also thought i lost my bag with my camera/wallet/passport but naw, it was just in the trunk. Also i have a doctor apt once a day until september. get at me bloggerz

Sunday, August 10, 2008

eastern blog. The last entry.

Its been the rockiest 36 consecutive days of my life. Russia has beaten me to the curb and I've taken it for as long as I can. In st. petersburg, my health was in danger. Now, in moscow, my wallet's in danger. So, we ate some fast food. and this is how it was.

except our back was facing this.

then these guys tried to holler at us be we were like naw

then we walked in the rain and this happened on us

and then we decided to eat but only could pay for this

that is all for the eastern blog. now its westside fo life???

Friday, August 1, 2008

eastern BLOG of cheese

literally, an eastern bloc of cheese
Speaking of Cheese, I noticed there were a lot of gaps in my previous entry and for that I apologize. I've patched it up, some so check it out.

Architectural tour of st. p.

color accent. this house is called the sausage house and is famous in the underground world of architecture. there's a matching one in berlin. I will find it without help and in three weeks. i'll post it here on

teetr totr

Peeing for a price.

the mid section of this post is dedicated to graffiti high/lowlights. this one tickled my fiddle like no other i hope u can read it.


emo st peterburg



lol u wouldn't understand

ugly to my eyes

this is the part of the blog where you watch me eat various items.
me & russian eating pickle

me and russian eating belini

russian eating russian style

suki makes a sandwish