Tuesday, July 29, 2008

eastern BLOG volume 122412

Yesterday we wandered around the backroads of Petersbrah aka санкт п. We found hella sad playgrounds yet this is the happiest ive been in a while

no nets in this city

teetr totr

then we stopped in this fast food dig. i think russians are catching on...

Walked past palace square.
outside the hermitage

inside the hermitage lol

pearly gates

i think night time photography is overrated but check these pics...

russian ken doll on the lawn. i tried pulling out his hair to turn me into russian barbie but im just the same as i was before.

bridges b4 the jump


after the jump

Sunday, July 27, 2008

BLOG in the name of love

This is navy day.

Hip hip hooray.



priviet malchiki (that means hey boyz in russia)

clouds 'n' crowds

the party.... AFTER THE JUMP



after the jump 4 real

a BLOG a day keeps the doctor away

SO IM OUT of the hospital. It's about time. But wait. Here's the story in full.
So i was chillin in the park hella hard
eating влинии aka belini aka crepe like delights.

we take a nap on this lovely park lawn,

when all of a sudden BOOOM i just start shivering and feeling faint. and BOOM i end up like this in a matter of minutes

my friend got a little camera happy, but thats expected.

heres a glamor shot of me going crazy

In the hospital, the thermometer slipped from my armpit, shattering into a thousand tiny microscopic pieces. I wasn't sure if i was hallucinating or if it was in fact "real life", so i touched it. Then i had a flash back to when i was 6/my first memory of being sick and my dad yelling at me to be so careful not to drop the thermometer and if i did, that they'd have to call a clean-up team and it would cost hella. But isn't that how alex mac turned magic??? Anyways, i snapped out of it and washed my hands and called the nurse and she cussed me out, but its expected now. i would be offended/wierded out if she didn't. Then later that day, I realized my IV has wheels!!! Well, i knew this before, but i was too weak/lazy/timid to take it for a spin. So i did, and got cocky. I fell and ripped out of my wrist and it hurt so bad and there was fluid 'vrywhere. LOL@!@@!@. Made it in time for the ballet and navy day and the bridges but missed the goth rave and the flea market. Im fine thanks for ur support i think ive never loved the outside this hard and i think this disneyland village city is the most beautiful creation ive ever seen god bless u.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

im ill.not sick.

ssoooo its been +96 hours since i've seen the sun. I'm turning white like a ghost. I think I've seen the clock at every possible position. My favorites angles are: 7:49 10:30 1:12 and 2:45. i like the 2:45 because it reminds me of when i used to watch the clock in 4th grade and get out of school. When the clock approaches one of these angles, i get excited. Its the only thing i have to look forward to. They are going to keep me here at least until monday which leads me to a request, my loyal blog reader. Youtubes links u wanna send me? Websites? Jerky phone messages? Hecka sick music videos? Links to superior blogs than this? i'm pretty desperate here, and i think its time u give back to me. the sooner the better im dyin here. PErhaps, actually, dying here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

living to blog? or blogging to live?

greetings from the soviet prison hospital from hell. They don't like me much here. My oatmeal this mornign had yellow liquid at the bottom. I think it was poison. I feel like i'm the nurse's/doctor's step child that they HAVE to take care of, so they do it half-assed and full of resentment and put my plates down hella hard and slam the door unnecessarily. I'm the modern russian cinderella story.
I just got off the phone with the US embassador in Russia. He wishes me a speedy recovery, which does not reassure me at all. WHY THE F!@# IS THE EMBASSADOR WASTing his time on me!? I must be in trouble. My side hurts hecka. pray 4 me. I'm out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

blogging from beyond the grave.

for those of u on the outs of my speed dial, greetings from a sketch ass hospital in russia. Well not so sketch where they have a laptop in my room, but sketch enough where the laptop has no outlet for me to plug in my camera. i took some bomb pics with the i.v. in my arm, the nurse not being able to find my veins, and doctors arguing about my fate in the scariest language ever imaginable. How did i get here? They're holding me here for another night! Im in critical condition and acute pain. Drop me a line to keep me sane.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Eastern BLOG prt7: Mockva edition.

i went to moscow last weekend. here's proof.

me lookin lost in a city of 12 mill

my tour guide and me, sitting on some laps

big ben replica to me

this is a picture i took of a bird. dont mind the building.

newlyweds put locks on the bridge to make sure their marriage stays on lock. See for urself.

subwave ur hands in the air.

i got an aBORCHTion

i felt like i had to take it, i'm glad i can delete in from my mem card now.

i also felt like i had to take this one

and this one

yet another



finding myself

Eastern Vlog: part 6.

рун пгныы! i mean hey guys here is a pic and me and spulld bloodz

here is a pic of me and st. basils cathedral. which one is tighter to you?

u can see this beauty from every where in the city. however it has not helped me find my way

more russian psers. i swear they neva smile.

weddings happen sometimes. look CLOSER

one of the cutest tattoos ive seen thus far

this is the palace i go to school in. i am not kidding that i go to school in a palace. but it needs some tlc thats for sure.

this chipped paint reminded me of an owl.

the backyard of the palace

this is it from the outside. i'm going to throw a party here if i get some friends.

after i photo documented the place of my studies, some fools adn i went to the hermitage. We got fancy out of respect for fine art. Here are a selection of pics from our photoshhooot

inside the museum

our tour guide IVAN

modern installments??

u be the judge