Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hey guys its me blogging from work cuz i own the place. Just giving a shoutout to the blogger next door, ezeikeil shlosshmeat the first and/or the great. Check it out! ITwillBLOWurMIND@thatssometa.blospot.com or just click on the link to ur left on the computer screen.
In other newz, last night I went to bed at 6pm, housemates, so don't ask me if I was out or studying or partying or blogging because I was sleeping in real life. Then I had a panic attack from 11 pm until 11:12 pm, and then I went back to bed. Til 8 am. Then I realized the rash on my face turned into a sunburn so that was WiLd 'n' WeIrD~!@ n thennnn I tried to do homework but really just drew trippy ass doodlez..... n thennnnn i went to find the best soup in town at new leef and new leaf iz sooo trippy now.
k guyz bloggingz over for 2day but 2morrow stay tooonned.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

now BLOG it out

Hey you guys im feeling nauseous because I hate homework and I think I ate too many pretzels but whatevr. I have also had The Smiths perpetually stuck in my head since Wednesday. So just ask me ask me ask me ask me why i'm in a bad mood.
So news guys, Isaak is twenty one that means LADIES! ISAAK IS TWENTY ONE! Well, he wasn't a few days ago when I thought it would be funny to test the liquor vendors of Santa Cruz. You know, to see if they're actually out to get us minorz. Here, Isaak is 4 hours away from being 21, going risk his integrity for booze. Lets see what happens
b4 the jump

during the jump

after the jump

just kidding i would feel too bad! This is the real after the jump

P-A-R-T-Y cuz we GOT TO!

so many hottiez

more hotties watch out

but wait! Enough hotties, lets see what happened at benicios...


denied! feelings of rejection and sadness

case closed

Monday, November 24, 2008

BLOG what your mother gave you

a lot has changed since we last spoke. Like today my really white jacket got stuck in my bike! My bike was already broken, so it didn't make matters worse, it just made my jacket so dirty. Also last night i FELL ASLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON! AND MY CLOTHES ON! It was so un-me! Who have i become? YOU can't even recognize who I have become.
But then this morning i had pasta for breakfast so I knew I was back to normal.
Then i made this vlog/homemade flick. not recommended for the weak stomached. Not to mention, every time i watch it, i hate myself a little bit more.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love the BLOGtender

hey losers who the f still reads this. Well clearly the answer is you, so big ups for ur constant support blogger.
A lot has changed since we last met up. Just now i had a pasta eating contest with myself but I didn't take a pic because one thing i do NOT do as a blogger is take pictures of myself! pathetic and desperate to say the least! I did take so many pictures of 30 minutes in the kitchen last wednesday. Here they are.
this one might be the best pic ever

that is until you see THIS pic

but then you realize i should go pro when you see THIS ONE


well guys it is raining and i am not so sad actually. it probably had to do with the pasta contest. oh here's another SWEET SHOT

and i'm only putting this one in to keep the food shots up at 30% for all u keeping tabs. you know who you are.

tension in me room

are you scared or in love?

k bye

Friday, October 31, 2008

goodbye BLOG-tober

As of late, I've been getting more hassle than the hoff for not blogging this month. Let me tell you, I was so over it! But tonight, while on my norcal hiatus, having intentions of writing essays all night, I've just been looking at sorry ass blogs instead. They have angered me so!!! So much, that it has inspired me to shoot out this bad boy: Goodbye bloctober. Now you may be runnin amuck this halloween evenin', I've turned off the celly, dimmed the lights, lit some candles and I'm giving back to you, loyal bloggers.
LA is great this time. I think it fluctuates with what's saved on TIVO.
I;m sure you guys want to see what I look like since I'm in LA. Am I 40 pounds less? 6 inches taller? 12 shades tanner? I would take mad pics of myself so u can see w/ ur own eyes, but I didn't think I'd ever blog again so I threw away my camera! So here are some pics I DIDNT TAKE AND ARE OLD AND they're dedicated to you, Kelly. The theme is JAPAN. Do you even still read this shit?

bringing sushi home.

Also mom made spinach for dinner TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. I asked her whats up. actually it went like this
ME: Spinach again? Mom, what's up.
MOM: Hun, I think you're anemic.
At that moment then and there she grabbed my hand and inspected my fingernails
MOM: They're pink like you said.
Other than that, the conversations I've had today have been okay. Mostly I watched conversations happen in the six episodes of Entourage I watched. That's 3 hours of Entourage in the past 24 hours and I feel like I have four brothers which is great because I have never had a brother and in the matter of 2 days i have 4!!! I need some help with real life now. I also have to take my iron now.

Monday, September 29, 2008

writers BLOG

so its officially fall which means its officially FREEZING which is gods way of forcing me to BLOG! Believe it or not, my life has been pretty boring these past few weeks of summer 08. Today however, i was defeated on the sidewalk by a fire hydrant which explains the grapefruit size bruise on my right upper thigh. I also lost weight doing fitness at my friends pad today. And got my hair braided by this shawty imma holler at later. AFTER THE JUMP

But something bigger than all this physical stuff happened. Another thing. Something new. Something different. Last night, in a fit of emo flurry, I poured a cup of tea on my head. Some adj to describe the event include: erradic, spontanious, explosive or impromptu so there was no time for photo documentation. So here's it being done part in fake life.
Prior to the jump


After the jump


Since my last blog entry, all I did was climb a mountain,
peeped a view,

look closer

looked hot in the sewer,

dont look too close

got a tutorial.

Are poster boards more effective than power-points?

i saw the newest attraction/freakshow in japantown

I witnessed a community service.

i took a pic of my friend posing
w/ mac

i felt trapped,

no way out


Saturday, September 13, 2008

BLOG first, ask questions last

hi bloggerz, its me posting from my coffin-nook. Do you guys like pictures of fire??! Well here's some from our tall fire we had

*~the glow~*

fire demon

and i know this is cocky but this is my favorite pic of me eva

then this happened which was kewl

but i was so much more down with this

yeah girl

not down for blinded by the light

then chris came over and brought his ego (not down)

im down 4 ur jaw line, but who isn't

not down for liability

always down for magic dylan


Monday, September 8, 2008

BLOGging like my daddy

When I tried to escape the enclave of fedoras in Santa Cruz, it was to my dismay that they followed me all the way to the san francisco.

then later i got thrown off a scooter BY A GIRL IN A RED DRESS but it was tame compared to one other similar incident.
El ZOCALO ON THE SIDEWALK SUCKAZ. (3rd blog entry reference for you newbies)

so fine... literally, the food was fine.

Do not remember this. Where is my mind?? (90s reference).

and heres nineties night but why is cooper there in a blue trucker hat?

and this is how i really got the scar on my face, but don't ask me if im okay in real life