Sunday, March 1, 2009

FINALLY found my camera and took it out on the town with me today! here's me with a motorcycle hangin' lose in rio de janeiro

and here's a pic of a motorcycle i took on my first day and i convinced the girl next to me it was art but now I AM convinced it is art WHAT DO U THINK?

then this is me taking a picture in front of the depressing "eatery" if you can call it that by my "home" if you can even call THAT that.

still hanging lose EVEN THOUGH A STRANGER poses behind me here.
AND i didn't even know it!

PEdestrian Xing

hanging lose w/ nature 4evr

reppin the hood

I FOUND THIS STREET ART AFTER my previous thematic poses today. I'm meant to live in Santa Teresa, the place where this (and the following) street art are from

Loriquas here?

here are some pics from my housing hunt today.

i'll take my house withOUT a side of church

i'll take this lot WITH A HOUSE

needless to say, didn't go so hot today.
but at least this happened

got some company for the next shot

and this one

but then this happened

and this



LSLSLS said...

O-o-o-o-o-o. I GET IT NOW
(also: the 'word verification' is: 'rhlesses'....good word)

alana bird said...
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